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My career as a former police officer and investigator allows me to be efficient and professional in the field…

  • Skills & Experience

    As a professional private investigator, I investigate since 1993 and you can rely on my skills, my   experience and my professional network as I am:

    – Ex-policeman

    – Former member of the Intervention Brigade of Geneva Gendarmerie

    – Former executive and specialist of the most renowned Swiss security companies

    – Former investigator of one of the most important Swiss business enterprises

    These formations and qualifications give me proven skills, field experience and extensive knowledge in the legal profession indispensable to my profession…

  • Professionnalism

    Certified and authorized detective by the State Council of Geneva, I hold the following professional cards:

    – Private Detective, Nr GE 520

    – Business intelligence officer, Nr GE 183

    Being under the control of the Administrative Authority, I offer guarantees of:

    Morality | Probity | Honor

  • Absolute discretion

    In my profession, absolute discretion is a must!

    All my advice, missions and investigations are covered by professional secrecy.

    Needless to say that you can trust me to keep secret the informations about your case…

  • Availability and responsiveness

    “Efficiency through discretion and performance in emergency situations…”

    At first contact, I answer within 24 hours …

    When I’m on a mission, I am available to my clients 24 hours a day.

    My investigations are conducted in Switzerland and abroad without any territorial limit.

    To this end, I speak several languages…


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