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Our services

Here is the type of missions we carry out (non exhaustive list):

  • Research and investigations related to litigation and civil disputes
  • Criminal investigations and criminal cons-investigations
  • Checks and inspections on standard of living
  • Credit investigations
  • Pre-nuptial and morality  investigations
  • Civil status research and verifications
  • Checks on timetables & relationships of your children
  • Search for missing persons
  • Investigations of theft, breach of trust, scams, malfeasance, threats, pressures and fraudulent practices…
  • Pre-rental investigations “check the background of your future tenants”
  • Research employers in the context of forced executions ordered by the Office of the Prosecution
  • Research of stolen objects, goods, art objects, etc….
  • Investigations, inquiries, research on non-compliance or compliance with Regulation alimony, visiting rights and custody of children
  • Spinning for the search for evidence of adultery
  • Certificates, inquiries, investigations in the civil sphere to provide the evidence before courts needed to protect your interests
  • Observations and spinnings
  • Genealogical research
  • Searches debtors, natural or legal persons (Address, heritage, etc …)
  • Inquiries and investigations regarding information leaks, fraud in the company, unscrupulous employees
  • Infiltration in companies
  • Business intelligence (Assistance to economic actors and public institutions for reducing the scope of uncertainty prior to a decision)
  • Investigations rising shrink “mystery shopper”
  • Investigations of counterfeit and parallel markets
  • Investigations of unfair competition, misappropriation of customer, misuse of employees, corruption, illegal agreement, bashing the company, economic parasitism and illegal work
  • Observations, investigations, spinnings and inquiries of theft in the workplace
  • Investigations of claims for insurance, financial solvency of customers, companies, executives and associated
  • Investigations on the morality of partners and staff, present and future
  • Investigations into the diversion of customer files
  • Checks on the clause on non-compete for employees and former employees
  • Verification of timetables of employees and sales agents
  • Checks on CV, morality, for pre-employment investigation
  • Controls of sick leaves and abusive absence of employees
  • All inquiries, investigations, research and observations in the field of Contract Law, Civil, Commercial, Criminal and economic, financial and insurance sectors

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